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Six Facts Supporting SMS Mobile Coupons

As mobile technology continues to advance SMS mobile coupons become more and more relevant. Since 2013 SMS mobile coupon usage has increased by almost  51%. As the mobile coupon becomes […]

The Rise of Text Marketing

With all the mobile phones in the world today, it just doesn’t pay to ignore mobile marketing. According to Pew Research, 35 percent of adults in the U.S. owned a […]

Grow Your Database With SMS and Email

Here at Azmobilemarketing, we recognize the opportunity created by cross channel marketing and work to educate our clients on it. One of the best ways to increase reach is to […]

Better B2B marketing with two-way SMS

SMS has been used to support B2C marketing for high read rates and strong ROI that makes it an obvious choice for ensuring the right people are targeted by a […]

Does time matter when texting

Timing is everything when it comes to marketing, especially when you go the text message route. Besides, just because consumers have their phones with them at all times doesn’t mean […]