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Text / SMS / Mobile Marketing for Charitable Organizations & Charities

The aftermath of hurricanes, earthquakes as well as the ramp up to the Christmas season got me to thinking it was time for a discussion on how SMS / text / mobile marketing can really help charitable organizations and charities with both their fundraising efforts, and if applicable, their emergency response efforts.

Any sort of natural disaster, be it of the magnitude of typhoon Haiyan or smaller scale, more localized emergencies (i.e., flooding, tornado, forest fire, etc) benefits from the immediate, expedited response that can only be attained from text messaging. Want to get an emergency message to your people on the ground, your “first-responders”, your aid workers and your main donors? Want them to get it now, if not sooner?

Text messaging is the fastest way to connect. With everyone. At once. Period.

If you’re running a charity, and you’re ramping up some big fundraiser in time for the Christmas season, text message marketing can really leverage your promotional efforts. Some of the things you can do…

  • Communicate effectively with your volunteers.
  • Mobilize team members quickly and effectively.
  • Notify donor members of new campaigns.
  • Provide regular updates on campaign milestones.
  • Leverage traditional advertising campaigns by including a text based call to action in them.
  • Encourage the sharing of campaign details on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to leverage your “reach”.
  • Facilitate immediate donations (if the majority of your audience has a data plan and you have some means to procure payment on your web site).

In short, connecting via text message is an incredibly potent means for charitable organizations and charities to improve the efficiency of their response to natural disasters, as well as the success of their fund raising campaigns.